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NIXKA - Inkjet Production Experts

NIXKA:  A pragmatic and ambitious contribution to the

ECO-DIGITAL Transformation of the printing industry


The transformation of the printing industry will combine 2 drivers: 

       - getting more and more digital (inkjet!) 

       - and getting less and less impactful for the environment.


As a contributor in the overall printing industry value chain, NIXKA is engaged to make Production Inkjet one of the key technologies to get greener every single day.

Especially in critical sectors such as “fashion/textile” and “retail/packaging”, two of the four most polluting industries in the world and big consumers of printing and decorating, time is to react, to innovate, to change the game. 


Reduce Energy & Carbon footprint

  • Low energy consumption with optimized drying process

  • Designing printing solutions helping a decentralized manufacturing process (closer to end users)

  • Designing printing process without primer (inkjet direct to substrate)

  • Subcontractor policy with privilege for local partners (France and EEC) 



Reduce Waste

  • Printing the necessary quantity of products (no more no less) 

  • Integrate digital printing solution in-line with overall manufacturing process, for production on-demand, lean supply chain, reduced inventory and 4.0 factory approach. 

  • Use the minimum quantity of ink per print depending of the customer’s expectation

  • Printing process limiting the waste of paper or substrates 

  • Ability to propose upgrade kits for existing inkjet printers (extending the lifecycle with state-of-the-art print engine and re-use of robust chassis and transport systems



Use water based cleaner inks, and compatible with bio-substrates

  • Design inkjet printing process helping the use of recycled substrates (papers, cartons, fabrics, etc.)

  • Adapting the inkjet technology to the bio-substrates and bio-plastics compliant with next international regulations

   •  Focus on water-based inks and avoiding solvent based, UV curable, or MEK inks

   •  Develop the new generation of inks with mineral, vegetal or organic dyes and pigments 

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